Thursday, September 25, 2014

To be a Prairie Crossing Kid....

Prairie Crossing has always been a special place to work and learn.  From the moment you walk into the front doors you get a sense of belonging, warmth, a true sense of family.  Students and teachers are excited to come to PCE because together we have created a school environment that supports academic, professional and personal growth. Students and staff know -not only will they be challenged each day but they will be supported and encouraged in every way possible.  We work together for a common goal of success, and success looks different for each one of us.  

There is always something new to explore that sparks students’ and teachers’ passion for learning and caring. Many of our teachers are working with their students to provide opportunities through Genius Hour, an individualized, passion driven approach to research and learning.  We provide differentiated learning opportunities that allow students to learn in ways that allow them to be successful. Second through sixth grades are a one to one learning environment with Chrome Books which  allows opportunities to extend learning in a way that relates to our digital natives.  We also provide choice to our students and families to chose full day kindergarten, half day kindergarten or half day kindergarten with extended enrichment days.  Our fabulous BASE program continues to support our students and families before and after school.

Our library media center is being transformed into hub of activities in our school.  Mrs. Kendall has done a wonderful job of updating resources and creating a kid friendly space that our students love to be in!  We have new tables, fun chairs, cozy places to read and work with groups.  New technology is being integrated into the library to enhance students' presentations.  
We encourage our students to look beyond themselves and give to others.  Our students have been involved in supporting charities both in Colorado and in Belize. One of our 3rd Grade students organized a movie night to raise money for  Hunger Free Colorado and  our community also collects school supplies for the Belize Education Project led by Debbie Blair, our technology teacher.  During Fall Break Mrs. Blair and teachers from around the district travel to Belize to deliver the supplies and provide educational support for other teachers.

We also provide a variety of extra curricular opportunities for children before or after school so they can explore other interests.  We offer Band, Orchestra, Battle of the Books, Destination Imagination, Sticky Fingers Cooking Club, Yearbook, Green Team, and Student Council to name a few. Each of these providing a unique path to learning.

PCE's mission statement is:

  ~Inspired by our belief that each child is a unique treasure, we challenge students to develop socially, creatively, and intellectually - empowering them to realize their fullest potential~

This mission comes to life every day by building relationships with our students, our families and our entire PCE community.  Together we empower our students to develop in a way that addresses the whole child. The saying used to be that it takes a village to raise a child, but at Prairie Crossing it takes our neighborhood community to educate and care for our students--PCE is home away from home for our students and we work together to make sure our children are healthy, happy and safe!

The staff of PCE is so proud of our students, their smiles, love and passion breathe life into our building and make it the special place that has become Prairie Crossing. 

I personally cannot think of a better place to be every day!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Year Already in Motion

Hello parents!

The first four weeks definitely have flown by!  We are all so excited to have the students back in classes.
Our community has grown and we would like to welcome all of our new families!  Our students and teachers have been working hard to get to know each other, build community and establish relationships.
Happy kids coming to PCE every day!

Building Community in our classrooms,

in our library,

in specials,
on the playground!

Its great to be part of the PCE family!

I am so proud to be able to call PCE my home!

Carrie Rotherham
PCE Principal