Monday, August 14, 2017

Welcome Back!

Dear PCE Parents,

We have officially made it through our first full day of classes and the kids have been wonderful!
It is so nice to see all of their smiling faces, renewed friendships and love for learning fill the halls today.

We have had a busy day!  This year we have made a minor change to our lunch/ recess schedule.  So that students have the full 20 minutes to eat lunch we have flipped our lunch and recess order.  We hope this will make a difference for students and that they will not feel rushed after coming in from recess.

Next Monday we will have some activities centered around the Solar Eclipse.   We have purchased Eclipse glasses for all students, but it will help us out here at school if you can remind your child that it is never safe to look at the sun with the naked eye.  I know it will be very tempting to many!
The Eclipse will take place over the time frame of our lunch and recess times, so any and preparation would be appreciated.

Please make sure you save the date for August 29th.  PCE's Back to School night will be in the evening between 5pm and 7pm.  We will have the Going South Food Truck and Mauna Snoa Shaved Ice available, along with many community vendors set up in the Gym.  Please make plans to join us!

September 8th is our Hardware Hustle Fun Run.  This is an annual event but this year it has been changed to the fall instead of the Spring.  This is one of our biggest fund raisers!  We will use the money raised to maintain and improve our first rate Technology Program and to help pay for improvements on our playground.  There will be more information coming out soon.

We are so glad to have you all back at Prairie Crossing!  This is going to be a fantastic year and we are all looking forward to sharing it with our community.

There will be more communications soon.


Carrie Rotherham

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